GPU (CUDA) Renders, any you can recommend? Preferably free. :)

I'm currently a bit of a hobbiest 3D artist. But being at UNI and doing an IT degree I'm looking at getting some actual training. :P But currently my laptop (specifically the processor) just isn't coping with rendering. Editing is fine but when it comes to rendering it's getting nasty now that I'm starting to work with photo-realistic finishes. Mainly glass. :|

So I decided to go looking for GPU (in my case CUDA) based render engines. The iRay render in my software of choice (3Ds Max) does utalize the GPU but no where near enough. It's like it uses the GPU to aid the CPU not visa versa and it isn't a production render either. :|

So can anyone give some pointers. I've seen Arion and Octane but... they're all paid (coorporate) software's ($$$), is there anything open-source or share-ware that I could use? I don't think the Wikipedia list I found of render engines is anywhere near complete. :P Hence why I'm asking here.

I have been considering building a render server specifically for this reason and putting a beefy processor in it but... By the time I have the money together for it, it'll most likely be time for a new laptop as well. :) such is life. So if I can get a render engine that'll offload 50% or more of the processing to the GPU then I can forestall the laptop upgrade a little longer and dodge the render server problem. :)

But.. yeah depends on if there's anything out there that does what I want. :)

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