GrabCAD and Education.

I am just interested to see what other people think about how GrabCAD and it's community has been educational to you.

I have found it the best source on the internet as far as education goes, as you can download peoples models and
see how they went about modelling them, you can ask a question and you will get an answer. You can talk to people
that are working within the industry for advice.

How has GrabCAD helped you with your education?

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I agree 100% William, it is the best site I've found to see how something is created in the same software you are using.

Every time I've been stuck, and not able to model the result I am after, I look around here and find something similar and look at the method used. It has saved me many hours worth of internet surfing trying to find the answer.

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Of course it is the best source of high quality models, another site could be google sketchup warehouse with a lot of models but in a low quality or low detailed models just for sketchup.

but the best about GrabCAD is you could left comments or ask to others and get important feedback to lear how to improve your work

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It would rely on upon the copyright confinements GrabCAD puts on the models. "Business utilizes" likewise incorporates open show. On the off chance that I were you, I'd contact the model's copyright holder and make an endeavor to get their consent. Hold up a good measure of time (1 week for email contact) and after that do precisely what you propose to do.

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