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Grabcad integration in Solidworks 2017

By Michael Santek on 27 Dec 17:11 11 answers 0 comments

Dear community,
I'm trying to integrate Grabcad as described on the website into solidworks, but I'm not able to activate the plugin for solidworks as shown/described here:

Does anyone have a solution?

11 answers

  • Chris Wrenn
    Chris Wrenn 9 months ago

    If you are using Solidworks 2017 it is not yet supported as far as I am aware. I was very disappointed to find that out when I upgraded to 2017 as I do every year.
    Being a new user of GrabCad this is making me have serious second thoughts about its usefulness.

  • Don Cheke
    Don Cheke 9 months ago

    They are usually a month or so into the new year before they get it updated. I am always anxious to get the updated GC Add-On for SolidWorks but I see today that it is still not available.

    They should consider signing up as SW beta testers when that is available so they can work toward having GC Workbench Add-on ready when the new version of SW comes out.

    I just use the previous version of SW until the new add-on comes out. It is always hard to know when the new version is available as it doesn't seem to get announced anywhere. It would be nice to have a place to look to see the progress of the Add-On development.

  • Jay Larson
    Jay Larson 9 months ago

    According to GrabCAD's support, a component that they use has not yet been updated to support SolidWorks 2017. We wait... (and contemplate other PDM solutions for just two users).

    I too would like a ping when the update does eventually happen.

  • Michael Santek
    Michael Santek 9 months ago

    Okay, so you've the same issues then I have. Let's hope that it will get integrated soon.

    We're currently using the standalone version as "workaround". First we thought that it's gonna be not really cool (as I'm used to PDM Works in my former company) but as soon as we got used to it, it worked fine for our small team.

  • shawn witt
    shawn witt 8 months ago

    Any update on this? SP2.0 for SolidWorks 2017 it out..

  • Dean Bateman
    Dean Bateman 7 months ago

    any timelines of when it is expected to be released by GrabCad?

  • Dave McCloskey
    Dave McCloskey 7 months ago

    Bump again. Some feedback here would be great!

  • Matt Humphries
    Matt Humphries 3 months ago

    I am a new user and a new CAD user. I'm a mentor with a FRC team, on programming and was curious if there was something like git/github but for solidworks.
    I'm definitely curious about grabcad as an option. Or any another alternatives that exist out there.

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