GrabCad killed all of my models AND my Group

Thx GrabCad for deleting all files again. Thx for make "Grabby" to the founder of my Group!

Should this be a "little" joke, mmm so i should laugh ???!?!?!?!?!??

But sorry, im not amused.

Accepted answer

Hello, Andreas. I apologise for the inconvenience! Issue was caused by actions we're taking to improve anti-spam workflows in order to keep the Community as clean as possible for our users. All your content should be restored as for now. Please contact me in case of any further issues.

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Today, my Profile AND the group are restored.

Ok, GrabCad - but so many users lost all files, whats the problem?

BUT - that won't happen in the future?

AND - what is the trigger of that fail?

So, for now the problem is solved but one doubt remains.