GrabCAD new ranking system

This is a very new and great feature that will put an end to the long debate of the ranking system for all community members now it is up to the individual to better there rank rather than a computer deciding what rank they have.

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:) This is exactly what is needed!! :)

Loved the Marcus score... 8088 Model 88 :)
And top place for the top 3 Silvio William & Fateh! :D

It is good that the changes finally came. It is still a bit quantitative but I was tired of looking at the same people at the top for no reason :) so it's good now.

The new system is just a game. Who can get the most likes and upload the most junk? Is there a benefit to the users here anywhere? I love for people to render my models, but i don't want them to be the outcome of a points race. That is all that is happening and the overall content quality of this site is dropping rapidly.

Let the "games" begin....

Well in my opinion, it is still quantitative not qualitative system.
Quality is what matters

I don´t know, if the new ranking system is good or bad, but I see there one problem, If somebody upload some hundreds of renders ( worse than the originally or not ) he go with score up. If I upload 334 renders now I will be 1st.
now is it still OK because the good engineers are on top, but what if.
PS : I am not a hater. :-)

Some people gain almost 10.000 points in less than one week.
so many likes ????!!!!???
Is the system not watertight?

I loved this new system!! It's better for follow our "evolution".
Now the first one is a Brazilian guy... Congratulations Arcanjo!

I agree with those who feel the uploading of (meaningless) renders count for too much. Grabcad should be about modelling, this is not a graphic artists site. Sometimes you go through 5 or more pages under "new" items with not a single new model, only different coloured renderings of the simplest of models to gather points. Points should be awarded for original, downloadable models, not for rendering and / or re-saving models in different file formats..... After all, we're first and foremost Engineers, not Graphic Artists:)