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I have recently been searching for CAD jobs online just out of curiosity and a lot of these jobs sites and employers are asking for a portfolio.

I think it would be a great idea if GrabCAD could give its community a little section in there profile under a portfolio tab to put some of there best models and a little information about them, more about there education and also what they have worked as in industry and just a general little private portfolio section were the link could be sent to a job site or potential employer.

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So will, you want GRABCAD to give everyone space in their server as a storage center for work to good to go up on their site ?

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I would not send potential clients or employers here..

This is a jobs board in disguise - if you hadnt noticed!

It is worth it though for the models, which help in many projects.

Just cannot send clients here.

If you want a portfolio, checkout CoroFlot - but again - that is a jobs board and I sure wouldnt send clients there.

The best, safest, most professional way to have a personal portfolio is to create a website.

I can tell from ur models u will have no troubles creating such a site.

I highly recommend using WordPress and a portfolio-centric wordpress theme.

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You know. There is a major exception - which would be a great reason for many here to want a portfolio - which is that the job site aspect of grabcad might appeal to many here - so they can do a folio to help their prospects on the site here.

I would just be weary of sending my hard-won clients to a place where they can directly hire someone else.

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I use this as a portfolio for more permanent job roles rather than contract work and it works well. Although freelance clients also have my link to my profile.

If your work is good enough and priced competitively it shouldn't matter if GC offer a service or not. 9/10 a client prefers a more personal relationship with the engineer. Thats what i have found anyway.

When i do jobs for my clients i always go that extra mile to ensure everything is correct from the get go. Suggest how things can be improved etc etc. Make them feel like they need you to do their designs.

Works for me anywho...

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hmmm... I think this is good idea. It should be possible to add (or maybe share) the already existing models in your portfolio.

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Robert has a vary good point. Best to push your clients to your web page.

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