GrabCAD Ranking - it is happening again..........

The GrabCAD Ranking is manipulated again by some "designers" They share almost no files or renders, have no tutorials,... Nevertheless they have a topranking out of the blue.
If the GrabCAD ranking cannot be made correcty (in respect to the efforts made by the engineers) I consider to quit the site.
If you share this opinion, please comment this...

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In my opinion a fair ranking respects:
model complexity (some models cost +40 h of design,other models can be made within 5 min.or downloaded from the net),
the appreciation of the GrabCAD-community (likes of models and renders, profile views, downloads, upvotes, ....
the engineers involvement like model uploads, Q&A contribution, upload of renders, comments, ....

I know that a fair ranking system is a complex matter, but it is an opportunity for the GrabCAD Mgt. to surprise us.

Best regards and I wish all a lot succes and creativity,

A3NCAD - Belgium

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Hey A3,I have to agree with you 100%.
How it is possible that people who have only 1 or 2 models are way up in the ranking system.
A lot of engineers just upload images from the internet...
I also believe the Grabcad team has to re-thing the ranking system all over again.
Points are not the most important thing, but if they are awarded, is has to be fair.....No reason though to quit the site, than they "win" again.

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Maybe the Ranking system should be stopped. Only model by "like it" gives the ranking, but not the engineer. Top models will get respect and BS-models go down.

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Yes, you are right - unfortunately. Quality doesn't matter, I see some "engineers" uploading formats, uploading formats, uploading formats,... Just to raise their score - how boring.
Or adding rendering by rendering. In my view especially these two scoring points are for quality are great problem.

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Aggreed... and renders and more renders and more renders, of the same thing...

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Hi Everyone. Thanks for pointing this matter out.

I think there are two topics under discussion:
* There are some users who are "gaming" the ranking. We know how they do this and will come-up with the system. We will keep you posted.
* Renderings and different content. It's true that some content is much more valuable than the other. This is much difficult to figure out, but we will but our thoughts into it and will come up with the solution. You are always welcome to propose solutions how to make it happen.

Will keep you posted and if you have questions just send me a private message.

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How would you all feel if there was no GrabCAD score, like @CATIA suggests?

There is no doubt that some users focus on quality and and some on points. I think that genuine attempts to share are rewarded with stronger connections in the community, but it must be infuriating to see someone cheat and still get points.

What if there was a way to easily report anyone abusing the system?

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Will you all send me PMs with users who are abusing the GrabCAD Score? I'd like to start taking some actions. And, like Hardi said, we have some fixes in the works. Thank you for being patient.

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The GC mgt has taken action. Some scores of fake engineers have been reset.

But since last week I see that several engineers are uploading filetype after filetype to raise their score (or to protect their ranking).
Some engineers gathered +10.000 points extra last week .
I reveived a bulk of 1500 notification mails due to the mega upload of filetypes, in less than week.
Is this really what we expect of a ranking system?

Please guys stop this bullshitt because you are endangering the credibility of the GrabCAD site. I think this site deserves better.

If you share this opinion, please comment this item.

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Hey Adrien, Don Quichote got very famous with his fight..people still now what he did.. but I have to agree with you...
What can be the reason that full grown peolple start behaving like little children when points are awarded, it should be better they put their energy in creating models instead of trying to manipulate the system, and for what??? To show to their wife and children how great they are by ending up in the top not think they are honnest by telling them how they got there.
The CG teams needs to ban those manipulators, not only resetting their points...The filth needs to be flushed out....

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OK, I will be your Sancho Panza! But Sancho Panza is getting tired...
like you said at the top, for me this site is getting boring.

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I have the impression that I am like Don Quichote; fighting against windmills......

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I hope GrabCAD Team will work on the scoring system soon...

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I think it is a good idea to install a reporting system for abuse use of the GC-system. The GC-mgt has to initate the contra measures if the abuse is confirmed.

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Thank you again for your continued support and helpful feedback. Please see what <a href="">GrabCAD Score Improvements Are Coming</a>.

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Thanks the GrabCAD-team for listening.

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