Grabcad to CATIA

Im new to this, sry, how do I open a part from grabcad in CATIA v5? I got it in the .STEP fromat and it said "invalid data. No editor associated".

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3 Answers

Make sure you have the STEP license, if you want to open/convert a STEP file to CATIA

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Also go to assembly design and click insert existing components, then select a file to be inserted (.STEP file). This could work. Try out...

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you can download files like .igs, .step or .CATpart or .CATproduct file from grabCAD which can be opened in CATIA V5, go to file open select the file it will be opened..

but you cannot edit the step or iges files because it wont have its specification tree...

if it is still not opening there might be error in downloading or you might not extracted the Zip file else there might be license issue

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