Graduation marks in NX (ruler on model)

I've been working on a personal project in NX and I need to make graduation marks or a ruler on a part for precise adjustability. I've never really had to do anything like this before so I was wondering what the best way to do it would be.

I was thinking I could do the marks as features: sketch, pattern, extrude and color them. Though I was kind of hoping that there may be some kind of shortcut or tool for such a purpose that I'm not currently aware of...perhaps as an embossment?

Any input would be appreciated!

Also, I'm sure there's a standard out there on marks like this. I'll try to find them myself, but if any of you know anything about any, please let me know!


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Hi there! I know it's kind of late, but maybe you can still use this! Make just one marking and then use "feature array" to copy it along the desired axis and distance in between the individual marks. If you want some to be taller than others i would array them as a small group since i am not sure if the array only creates associative copies.

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