Graphics problem or i need to do some changes in settings in catia?

While doing draft analysis in gsd for A surface, i am getting the result in mix colours(Blue+green). Generally we should get green colour in cavity side and blue in core side and red colour if there is some problem in surface but i am getting mixture of blue and green colour. Is there any graphics problem with my system or i need to do some settings in Catia V5? I have attached the screen shot of my problem. If any one has solution of this problem then please revert back. Thanking in advance.

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4 Answers

check these and if it doesn't worked maybe it's a bad sector problem for graphical part of your catia program!

Answered with a tutorial:

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i think you have turned on some material tests! see your tree & check for additional options!

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I am also having same problem ,please help me to solve this draft analsis colour problem and i have installed V5 R 20 version

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Don't know how to solve my particular issue. Look at this images. It is showing multiple unwanted alphabets in tree. While zooming in and out, all the edges are not showing until I left the mouse button. Need help.

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