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For a project at school I need to make a handbike with the 2 wheels on front and the streering needs to be done with the feet. My question is most efficient way to make the mechanical part for the steering with the feet I had some idea my self but can't seem to find out which is the best way to do this since I can't really find any handbike which has the steering with feet.

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I'd look online for how different devices might be steered with the feet. The one that comes to mind first would be a sled for use on a snowy hill. By pressing with the feet, you are basically twisting the frame, and causing the sled to steer.


I'm not sure if this would be responsive enough for your needs.

You might also consider if the device should steer with the rear wheel instead of the two front wheels.
I guess a lot would depend on how, and which wheels are driven.

This looks like it must be driven with the feet: http://www.greenspeed.com.au/Mag.Pics/Greg.Magnum.hand.jpg

Tons of good ideas here: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/416442296773027128/

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@FreSWUG thanks allot this will help allot

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