Handed mirror in solidworks Bom

I i am looking for ways to have the quantity of a part that its mirrored handed version ,within the same assembly ,as one total number, in the BOM table.

What I mean is that when I make handed mirrored part of a component in an assembly, it shows as a seperate item in the BOM table although it is exactly the same item. It is a way to make them as one part and to be counted all in BOM? thanks

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I think a question needs to be resolved first. Is this mirrored part identical to the first, or is it an opposite hand version?
If it is identical, then the part can simply be mirrored, or added to the assembly and flipped around 180°.
If it is an opposite hand part, then it is actually a new part that differs from the original and should be identified in the BOM.
If you wanted to assemble me, you'd need a right hand and a left hand. If you made two right hands and flipped one around 180°, I would not be very happy with my "left hand".
There is a small button you can press when mirroring parts in an assembly that will create a new, opposite hand version. Make sure you are not pressing this button if you truly do not need an opposite hand version.

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