Hang Glider wing: How to make a rib's curve tangent to the intersection curve made by a wing's tube penetrating rib's plane?

Hello, I am making a model of the real Hang Glider wing with true sizes of the frame and the sail. (If no objections from the manufacturer of this wing, I will upload it to the library.) Attached is 3D part of one wing. Protruding tube is the leading edge (LE) tube and the planes are the locations of the ribs (called battens in hang gliding) positioned where ribs are. Curves of the ribs have been sketched in each plane accordingly. Trying to complete the loop of profile of each rib into under-surface, I need to add the curve of LE tube as it protrudes through the rib's plane. To do that I created intersection curve on each plane where LE tube intersects. Although new sketches were created on the same planes where ribs have been sketched, yet, the sketches are different components and Solidworks does not allow me to make ribs tangent to the oval of the intersecting LE tube... How to fic this problem?
Is there a way to create intersecting curve made by LE tube through each rib's plane in the same sketch where ribs are? Or can I merge two sketches in one: rib's sketch and the sketch of intersecting curve made by LE tube with this rib's plane?

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You can "cheat" a little bit with "spline on surface" (in a 3D-Sketch) which are connected on the rib plane. The spline should be a closed loop, this will give you a ellipsis. on this sketch can you connect now the rib-sketch.
In the zip-file is my experiment.

Answered with a tutorial: https://grabcad.com/tutorials/hang-glider-wing-how-to-make-a-rib-s-curve-tangent-to-the-intersection-curve-made-by-a-wing-s-tube-penetrating-rib-s-plane

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Yes, you can do that in the tube-part as a reference geometry or in each rib-part.

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Thank you Arestide. If I understood correctly you suggest first to make a sketch of the tube intersection with each plane and then to use this sketch to draw (import from picture) rib's curve on this sketch? If so this probably could also be done by my previous steps but in a reverse order - first draw intersection curve of a tube on each plane and then use this same sketch to import a curve of that rib being tangent to the intersecting ellipse... I would end up with one sketch per rib's plane (and I would not need 3D sketch which tends to be more ambiguous than 2D)... Is it right?
That would certainly work. I would still like to know if there is a way to merge 2 sketches drawn on the same plane...
Again, thank you

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