Has anyone come across a car with its engine components?

Has anyone come across a car model, cad or fbx, textured or textured of a realistic car and all of its engine components? I am looking for one to use in a VR Unity Tutorial that other people can download. I'll pay for that privilege also. It just needs to be free for other people to download. If its a CAD file then i'll go through the process of what it takes to convert cad files to be a VR ready FBX.

2 Answers

Hey Michael,
I have not come across a full detail car before and I looked for a while for the purposes of creating an in-depth animation explaining a combustion engine and torque through an axle. Although probably not desirable for you, why not use a detailed engine and a car and combine the two together? There are some decent engines modeled up in the library with this volkswagen one by
Juan Arroyave standing out as quite beautiful to me: CLASSIC Volkswagen ENGINE
there are a few beetles modeled up in the library that you can slot this into, a decent surface model by Thanate Wijakprasert can be found here: Volkswagen Beetle Car

I did not download these models, but they all appear to have an engine installed:

S.Automotive concept car
Barchetta sport car
S.Automotive group B concept car
Volkswagen Golf Mk2