Has anyone ever done the Solidworks Realview hack on an Intel GPU?

Trying to hack the SW graphics card registery to allow myself to do rendering on my laptop, but can't find anything about anyone ever doing it on an Intel card.

Also video for reference, but it only does it on NVIDIA and Radeon cards.


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There are not many reasons to go through the trouble of a Realview hack. The only "advantage" is being able to enable realview mode.
I'll concede that the ambient occlusion option is pretty cool, but not at the expense for the time it take the scene to update after every motion.
I do believe a legitimate graphics card is required to get it to function. Most onboard or onchip graphic options won't have the ability to perform the rendering. But, I would have assumed a an nVidia card was needed as well. I did not know a Radeon could be tricked into working.

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