Has Autocad an equivalent tool to Inventor's Shrinkwrap command??

Hi all,

One of my colleagues is trying to convert a 3D Autocad model (assembly type made from several solid parts) to a single individual solid, just as the Shrinkwrap tool does in Inventor.

He tried making blocks and using the Union command and doesn't work well.

Any ideas??

PS.: Can't import to Inventor, The files get corrupted and parts are not in the correct position when files opens.

(Running Autocad 2013)

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2 Answers

Has he tried using the Group command?
I use it when drawing several multifaceted parts and then assemble them.
It keeps them together, adn have found that after I group them, it's easier to create a block from that group.

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I don't have AutoCAD on this computer, but I don't think you want to make the objects a block before using Union. If you have a file where they are NOT blocks, go ahead and just Union them together.

If you don't have a file where they are not blocks, you need to select all of the blocks and use the Explode command ONCE. Then you can Union them together.

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