Have you noticed the new Challenge that was posted?


There have been several questions recently about where the challenges have gone. Maybe you've even stopped looking at the Challenges page?
Well, it is time to check it out again.

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I'm already creating my model! Even if I do not win, I'm really excited! How about you FredSWUG, are you in?

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I've been giving it some thought. I think the cup portion of challenge can be solved for the most part, and several products already exist for such a task.

Carrying a plate of food with crutches is a whole other problem. It is easy enough to model something to do it, but making a model that would actually work is another matter.

I can only think of two ideas that would have a chance of being functional. One sort of seems like a terrible idea... The other seems a bit too high tech.

Still a few weeks remain though, so I hope to provide an entry or two.

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