heat exchanger considerations in Solidworks flow simulation

I want to simulate the flow in a shell and tubes heat exchanger in Solidworks flow simulation, i`ve having some problems getting the results i want, i want to get the temperatures throught the trayectorie and in the oulet in bout shell and tubes.

im asking for considerations or tips you can know for this, wall condition, if this must be time dependant, heat transfer coeficient or anything you can know that it could help,

Luis Álvarez.

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Scientists like to see time dependent or transient (warm up) thermal responses as well as steady state, and a good convergence between model performance and simulation result. As far as choosing the simulation tool you may have to consider whether phase state change is a factor. SW Flow Sim. has heat pipe simulation code that would be fun to compare with whatever it is you are simulating there with shell and tubes. Most materials have internet published heat properties- you may need to do some unit conversion there. I've only had to go to google to find thermal properties except once with a novel alloy.

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