Height Dimension for 3D Files

I open the 3D files on Creo. and measure the CAD dimension of height is 2.4mm(with pcb thickness), but the 2d drawing in "ARTIK 530 PCB Design Guide" showing is 2.4 + 1.0(pcb thickness). Could help to double confirm witch is correct?

4 Answers

Hello He Zonghan,
after comparing the 2 PNG's you have uploaded it is easy to see that there is a discrepancy between the drawing and the 3D file. It could well be that one of the two is a previous revision. The one thing i would point out is that the thickness of the plate looks to be a lot thicker in the 3D model than it does on the technical drawing. In the 3D model it looks a similar thickness to the parts that attach to it. In the drawing the plate looks to be roughly half the thickness of the parts that attach to it which would make sense for the figures shown. I would contact the person or company you have received this from and ask them to send you the latest revisions of the files to ensure you have the best information to work from. There is definitely a difference between the drawing and 3D model which means at least one must be wrong.

Yes, there are two dimensions given. 2.4mm and 1mm. Each measure the height of an individual height. Add them together, and you get the height of the assembly.

As CadCloud pointed out, those dimensions also have +/- tolerances applied to them. That means the physical parts are allowed to measure within the range give.

Thanks for everyone's comments. I attach more detail dimension measurement on 3D files. The total height is 2.4mm on 3D. The 2D drawing spec show 1.0 +/-0.1 & 2.4 +/-0.08 for stake up. I think that even considering -0.18(max) tolerance, 2D drawing spec also do not match 3D for 1.0mm height difference.

as far as i can see from these 5 images, i believe there are 2 different drawings being considered.