Hello folks im hope you're doing well 🙂, i am going to buy a dell precision 3530 laptop in india, price is around 1.2 lakh .

Can any suggest me if you have dell precision 3530 laptop , i will use this machine for 3d drawing moderate rendering and for simulation in all leading software ( solidworks , ug nx , solidedge, catia )

I am professional mechanical design engineer.

I'm waiting

2 Answers

My Friend,
I've had precision laptops since 2005. They are great and also plentiful, hence you can find parts to upgrade or repair them. Precision 3530 comes with NVIDIA Quadro P600 4GB GDDR5. It's the entry level CAD graphics card. It will definitely work with SWX and Solid Edge. You can open large assemblies. It will work with KeyShot as well, just make sure you have 16GB of RAM. Processor speed in this application is not a major player.

According to me, if you are spending 1.2L and getting a laptop specification it can be overruled by a assembled computer with almost 80-85k. This is my opinion, better go with assembled PC with AMD processors if you feel for portable device I have no idea about Laptops. For more details on assembled PC for SW, Best pc/laptop configuration for solidworks