Hello frnds ,I want to start freelancing in Design

I have certified course experience in ug nx and ptc creo ,I need advice and help to start as freelance designer. I am open to all type industries.
Thanks in advance for ur support

1 Answer

To make a successful attempt at freelance design the first thing you will need is sound evidence of your skills and abilities. A very simple and cost free place to start is to actually make your GrabCad profile profile into something more than the blank page it has been since you joined in Nov 2014. A successful career producing CAD work on contract is build up steadily job by job. Part of that is a place where prospective customers can easily see what you are able to do, a Grabcad profile is a place you can show some of your abilities.

Another thing you need is to know your abilities what you can do well and also what you struggle with. If you commit to a job you need to be able to deliver it to the customers expectations. Part of this is understanding the difference between design in engineering terms, and modeling and drafting. Designing involves coming up with a workable concept engineering and calculation to define a workable specification that can be manufactured. This is completely different to taking an already designed and specified piece of equipment and turning it into a model and set of drawings for manufacture. Sometimes you will be hired for one part of this, sometimes for the complete process. it is important when you start a job, to know, exactly, what part or parts are expected from you, and that you are capable of doing the work. You won't last long in freelance work if you can't deliver.

At the moment, unless I knew you personally, and or had seen previous of your work I would have no indication of your abilities and if it was a good option to hire you. Even qualifications have only a limited value, we purchase our Cad courses and I have found the sellers and providers of these courses don't let too many fail. Getting a start in freelance work comes down to putting evidence of your abilities in front of a potential customer, you selling yourself, the customer taking a chance. From this point on you must deliver what you have promised. regular work comes from the quality and value in all of your previous work.