hello i need help for makeing a mold

Part 1: Frame Geometry Optimization – Using 3D Sketches, Weldments, and Static Analysis to optimize the frame geometry

Part 2: Tube Shape Optimization 1 – Using Surfacing and Static Analysis to define the shape of the tubes

Part 3: Tube Shape Optimization 2 – Using CFD analysis to optimize the aerodynamic efficiency of the tube shapes

Part 4: Components and Details – Finishing up the rest of the bike. Because why not?

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What molding process do you plan to use? hand cast, injection molding, roto-mold. lost wax/foam?

What material will the cast part be made from? Does some consideration for shrinkage need to be considered?

I don't see how your parts regarding frame, tubes, analysis, and a bike relate to this splint.

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