Hello my friends,this is not question,this is a attractive challenge for you if you want!!!would you like we have competition to show our industrial design skills,and show who is the best and which software is best??

I am thinking about which soft ware is the best and why we have not any well-known competition???really why,so I think if we have competition we can
evaluated our skills and also we have a more keen to improve our skills and etc...?are you ready??? if you are ready let me know and I explain more about how we can do competition.

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I think it's a vanity, which had been proficient in the software that they use, if you want to be able to be done on another website.
I agree with the JSE, that there is a downside. because the software engineer who will lay the others certainly can not compete, the best proposal, create polls highest, software engineering in the world using the 3D anything. Here we can be creative, swapping inspiration, ideas and new products in the future ...
I think this is a fair question.

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Perhaps a general discussion would be best, around a particular design task. There would be an exchange of ideas and suggestions. No winners, no losers no judging and hopefully no one would get pissed off.

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There are already competitions in the 'Challenges' section. How would this be any different?

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Hi JSE. It was not my intention to imply in any way that anyone's opinion is wrong. I was just wondering how a new competition would be fundamentally different, in practice, to the challenges we already have. I think this is a fair question.

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thank you Aled,
Its true though that I could have gone about this in a differant way.
I sometimes speak and then think about it, were it should be the other way around. I just see to many hurt and pissed off people when it comes time for the judgeing.

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