[HELP] How to turn 3D model into low poly wire frame?

Hi there,
I am always amazed by low poly wireframe sculptures. Been trying to find ways to create my own. With my limited knowledge in Solidworks I needed some help. Best would be if someone could suggest a program where I could feed any standard 3D files (.STL, .SLDPRT or .step or so on) and select the resolution of the low poly, than just click generate.

Planning to use a 3D printer to print these sculptures up : )

Thanks for your help.

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3 Answers

This may be a decent starting point: https://edditiveblog.wordpress.com/2014/12/07/tutorial-faceted-low-poly-shapes-in-solidworks/

There is a program called Inspire from SolidThinking that almost does what you are looking for, but it is aimed more at making lightweight mechanical objects instead of art: http://www.solidthinking.com/ProductGallery.aspx?item=Inspire%20Gallery&category=Products

Hopefully someone will have some additional thoughts, this looks like an interesting topic.

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The guide FredSWUG provided is a good starting point. However it is still not entirely all that easy especially when it comes to a complex shape (like an animal head).

On my way to acquire a copy of the Solidthinking to try it out...

Just came across this other tutorial from Quora. http://meshlabstuff.blogspot.tw/2009/04/creating-voronoi-sphere-2.html


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Hi Tom,
Have you had any further luck in finding a program? I am also very interested in making some 3D low poly animals from welded stainless. I am trying to find a way to take a 3d surface or solid model, and dial in perhaps a fixed number of surfaces to create this from, and then output the flat pattern as a DXF. I have found some programs such as Autodesk 123Make to be along the lines of what I am after, but having trouble finding a lot of compatable models of places like grabCad. I would be very interested to know if there are other programs which have a larger range of file types etc.

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