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Help! Impossible flanged / mitered sheet metal seam in Solidworks .

By b_shell on 27 Jun 14:00 2 answers 722 views 1 comment

Ok, so it's probably not impossible, but I've spent a week on it and there has to be an easier way to model this. At issue is the area where the tank bottom piece meets the tank's side walls (the front end of the unit -see pics). Two flanges having different angles meet and then transition into a steeper angle before bending into a "lip". I'm constrained by the actual dimension of the physical tank that I'm modelling. I basically ended up brutishly hacking at it until the over all dimensions of the assembly were what they needed to be. I could really use some help.

Added images

Square Square Square


sheet metal tank.SLDASM, 3.05 MB

2 answers

  • Ion Aguirre
    Ion Aguirre about 3 years ago

    Are those corners the problem ?
    Why not you try with a section sweep along the part path ?


  • Ion Aguirre
    Ion Aguirre almost 3 years ago

    Loft a profile with the correct shape along a sketch.

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