Help! Impossible flanged / mitered sheet metal seam in Solidworks .

Ok, so it's probably not impossible, but I've spent a week on it and there has to be an easier way to model this. At issue is the area where the tank bottom piece meets the tank's side walls (the front end of the unit -see pics). Two flanges having different angles meet and then transition into a steeper angle before bending into a "lip". I'm constrained by the actual dimension of the physical tank that I'm modelling. I basically ended up brutishly hacking at it until the over all dimensions of the assembly were what they needed to be. I could really use some help.

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This happens to me all the time.
First make sure it is not a graphics thing tools>Options> Document properties > Image quality mover the scale that the top to High in the red for just a quick view. then look and see if the problem is still there

Still there? The easiest way I have found, is to unfold the flange draw a line on where the cut needs to be and use the extrude cut tool. Fold the flange back and draw a line on where the cut needs to be and use the extrude cut tool.

your file is only the Assembly. use file>pack and go to save it to a file. this will allow me to access the file, currently it would just show up as a blank assembly with disconnected parts.

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I'll attach the pack n go right away

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Ok after looking at your file I think T011A<2> just needs to have the cut- extrude feature deleted and remade at the end of the assembly. this happens often and has more to do with the software, than anything else so just cut- extrude feature and re cut the part.

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