Help in designing an Inversed Hoberman arch.

Hi everyone, it's my first post here, I'm actually amazed by the whole work done over here, I can see artworks made by the community everywhere. I do have a small high school project that I'm actually ambitious about it and been into search for a long time for the most suitable design or mechanism to unfold or expand an arch similar to the Hoberman one but slightly different in the direction of expansion, which I think needs a major redesign. I added a link below explaining the project, my problem and some mechanism that could work. Please help me out to get the right mechanism that would bring my project to reality.

Here is the video where I do explain the project, and I showcased two mechanism what would probably work (I don't know)

for further details regarding the planar mechanism

A video for the Hoberman arch

Thanks everyone

and please help me out.

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