help in modelling plastic parts (Inventor)


I have an assignment where I need to draw a machine that we disassembled. But I'm having problems with modelling the plastic cover. I actually have no clue on how to start on this.
I tried starting with a solid block and then cutting away piece by piece, but that's a pain.
Next I tried drawing the outlines on parallel planes and then use a loft, but it isn't really a handy solution.

Can anyone spare me some advice or guides/ tutorials that cover this?

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Do you can post the CAD file for visualization? Or file for viewer?

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Hi John

I think is your lucky day... or almost...

This link leads you probably to someone from your college that have done the same project

If you ask him kindly he might give you the original model of the plastic cover nevertheless you can download one of the available models to check how it looks like and to give you a better idea how to approach your problem.

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Just to say that this community (GRABCAD) is getting bigger and bigger
hence, the whole world seems to become a bit smaller in a sense...


Good luck with your project

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