Help me make a solidmodel of this assembly.

I have been given this assembly to make a SOLIDWORKS model..(SLDPRT and SLDASM).
PS: Willing to donate funds to whoever will provide a complete model assembly.

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It took a little while as there were lots of dimensions to check, but it turned out well.
The drawing has some lines and dimensions which don't make sense. Maybe I'm misinterpreting them? Maybe there are supposed to be more dimensions or views to back them up?
A sample image is attached:

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Wow. Someone assigned that problem as homework in a class?
The book is great, but the assignment to create individual parts from those two drawing views is a challenge.

I sort of like making models from drawings, but there are portions here that I'm having trouble figuring out.

I'll take another look in the morning and hopefully it will be clearer. There is no other view (like an isometric), or a description of some sort to indicate how this assembly operates?

This looks like one of those problems where it will have to be solved piece by piece, one dimension at a time until it finally starts to come together and make sense.

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As I mentioned, here is a drawing which highlights the call outs I am not familiar with. I assume they refer to the fit between the parts, but unless this topic was covered in detail in your course or work, I'd just leave the parts in a "material safe" condition and adjust them to fit as needed.

CYN I assume is Cylindrical, but there is no dimension to help define it.

The .562 dimension identifies something, but I don't know what.

The final oddity is the curved line I traced over. I have no idea what it is trying to show, but there are no dimensions associated with it. I believe there are other views for this drawing which have not been provided.

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