Help me with my project autocad 2d

Hello, can you guys help me with my project? I need to project a single speed reducer gear with a power of 11kW, 1000 hours lifetime, 760 rot/min, distance betwen shafts axes 112 mm, and the number of teeth for z1=20, z2=90 with a radial-axial ball bearing.

It should look exaclty like in the dwg file but with different dimensions and a different ball bearing. I really need your help, thank you!

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I can't open it in Inventor sadly...

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Read what I have written here:-
you need to provide all the files that make up this assembly The IAM file is not enough.

Here is a file that might help your needs:- Gearbox Casing

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Here's a Case dont think its what you want but its a case Top & bottom

If you want a different type of Case then you must supply a Picture or link to one.

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