Help modeling a fabric arm sling as if it is on the user.

I am trying to design am arm sling. The sling wraps around both shoulders and the back. I have attached a picture better explaining the design.. I am having trouble trying to model this. The materiel this sling is made out of is fabric and I need a CAD model of the cloth after it has been tied around the user. I am having trouble trying to get the folding lines correct while keeping a hollow shape in the middle as though its wrapped around a person.
What would be a good place to start modeling this? What features should be used to create this shape but still give me a hollow center?

I appreciate your time!!

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1 Answer

Are you looking to build an accurate 'as-worn' representation or simply something you could lay out for the pattern?

Explaining what you're trying to achieve might help in recommending the tool and/or approach.

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