Help needed within this great community.

Hi guys help needed here from every one in the community to keep GrabCAD user friendly and tidy. This will help us all when looking for models in the library and speed our search up.

If a model gets uploaded without a link to download it hit the report button.

If a model gets uploaded without a render, why not have a little render @ it :)

This will make GrabCAD user friendly and we will also be able to see visually the model before we download it to make sure it is what we want.

Helping to render other peoples models will also help you get a render badge.

This is also a great way to practise with your rendering skills.

Lets work as team to help better this site for the use of us the community.


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This is a good idea, just one thought though ... some people can't or don't want to upload the actual model so they just show us some renders and pictures, this shouldn't be reported.

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