Help with Solidworks Motions Study needed !

Guys i jus made a Gimbal in Solidworks and i tried my hand out in Motion Study to see if i can get an animation outta it . So what this gimbal is supposed to do is enter into a perpetual motion due to the force of gravity acting on it . I applied gravity from all possible directions but oly two of the three rings rotate :( i dont get the motion i intend to , hope you get what i mean ! am i doin somethin wrong or is it jus not possible ?

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I have created a realistic motion study and animation video of this model. Please check it out to see if the results is what you were expecting. I believe it is fairly accurate.

Gimbal Animation

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Make sure that you Motion Analysis option is selected. Simulate the "Real World" as much as you can. Apply the gravity in one direction only(usually down). Apply a motor on a part that you want to move(Rotary, Linear or Path), apply Material, Friction and Contacts to the parts and apply Force in the desired directions.

I hope this helps.

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