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Help with thick Surface in Catia

By Abdul Rahman elsayed on 11 Feb 13:52 2 answers 0 comments

I'm trying to apply thick surface to the following shape in Catia "Generative Shape Design", however i keep getting the error "current offset value leads to a local degeneration on a surface", is there a way around this?


Profile.CATPart, 419 KB

2 answers

  • youssef aider
    youssef aider about 2 years ago

    Hi, i have the same problem when i try to use thick command, i can only solve it by disassemble the surface and thick each part of at a time however you will still find the problem parts and you can recreat it using blend or any tool then try to thick it again i know it's a bad solution and takes a lote of time but i couldn't find any other solutions it's kind of disapointing to find this king of problems in catia

  • shubham barhate
    shubham barhate almost 2 years ago

    You should be careful when using thick surface command in catia GSD. When you are using thick command in GSD you can implement all operations in GSD but it is not necessary it will be compatible with part modelling in in hybrid design. Another point is there is times in using blend where no tangency is taken care , mostly in that case you will face this kind of problem and solution for this is isolate the blend from two support surface and use thick command individually

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