hey all, please help how can I make an outer ring around a cone shape part

Hey all hope someone can help because Im going crazy
1. I want to make an outer/inner ring in the middle of my part (pic included_cone) that will be 2 mm thick from the edge of the cone.

2. Im trying to make a "skirt" shape on the same part and hollow (shell) it out but all Im getting are errors, Iv tried so many options but none of them end up as i want (project file cone_2)

many many thanks from advance

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@osher, I didn't understand your question, and didn't understand what you really want to do.....
Where the picture of what you want finally get?
BTW, your version SW earlier 2015, so look the video ->
I think that it's what you need - https://youtu.be/FLzi69XR0tg

PS. This whole part could be done with single revolve operation..;)

Answered with a tutorial: https://grabcad.com/tutorials/hey-all-please-help-how-can-i-make-an-outer-ring-around-a-cone-shape-part

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these are the files, as you can see on pic cone 2 iv managed to make the "skirt" but i dont think iv made it the right way. iv will attached the project file

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sorry - i do not have solidworks here (at work) - so I can't open the partfile.

can you build model as 2 seperate solids? then try shelling it... combine afterwards.

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