Hey Engineers I want any information or data on this form or this design like "parts, assemblies and drawings".sldprt i need this design and please as soon as and thanks very much

this Design that i attached it in this question talken about machine that cut the sugar cane and i need to draw it on Solidworks But i haven't any data about it.
please help me to design it in Solidworks.
thanks very much
this machine called "Sugar Cane Harvester"

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2 Answers

if you want people to design for you, maybe offer them something?
please as much as and thanks very much ;)

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And pray tell why would people do this for you. For what.

And starting with "as soon as" wont gain you anything ... but i guess youve noticed that.
STart with a design brief ...if you don't know what that is use google and find out.
Oh and chances are anything you have an idea about is already patented so that would be a good search first as well
Good luck

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