Hey Guys, I have a question in CREO related to Relations and Pro Programming. Immediate help required.

To start with
I have a assembly of assembly of Pulleys. I want to change these pulleys according to my Load specified.
Example If Load is 200kgs my pulley to be used is the part number TAA5_N<TAA_N>.asm
similarly if load is 500kgs my pulley part number to be used is

How can I write a relation and program for these inputs of mine.

Basically want to change subassemblies of an assembly with the help of relation and program. Kindly help please

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3 Answers

you can use of family table and relation parameter according to your relation.


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yes its possible but i know to apply but u have to make a reference model of pulley and then apply family table with relations

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1. First create an interchange assembly of the pulleys and save the assembly(this is mandatory so you will not lose your constraint)
2. In the assembly file open the program
3. Create a parameter as string for the pulley name.
4. Create a parameter for Load as real number.
5. Write the below syntax
Enter Load number
name of the wheel String
end input
if load == 200
/*do you calculation and logic, mention the part name
/* repeat the same for 500kg load
end relation
6. when you open the program you can find the logic very easily.

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