hey , i am iiird year btech mech student i knw pro e very well but for my project i got to learn ansys , catia .... i dnt knw how to start frm where to start i just have 2 months time .. can anyone guide me ??

bascially in our project we have to design a wing profiles and then we have to do meshing n all for further testing the wind tunnel , cfd analysis .

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Hi Tanshu,

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You should start with the modelling software i.e in your case CATIA/ Solid Works. Generally speaking, most modelling software's are similar so if you know Pro E well, you won't have trouble learning CATIA/ Solid Works or you may not even need to learn them. For Ansys, you can start with basic Structural Analysis and later on go for Thermal/ Fluid analysis. The GUI for Ansys workbench is pretty easy and you can learn it from online tutorials.

Hope this helps..!!

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