hey there..!! we have been trying to design a disc.. we are facing a problem in generation of an equation driven curve..

the curve is not being generated from these equations which are in the parametric form.. may i know the procedure to develop it..

it is a equation driven curve.. path for that option is..

tools > sketch entities > equation driven curve (select parametric as the following equations are of that form)

Xt = 2.5*((76*sin(t)-0.7*sin(76*t))+((2*(0.7*sin(76*t)-sin(t))))/(sqrt(1-(1.4*cos(75*t))+0.49)))

Yt = 2.5*((76*cos(t)-0.7*cos(76*t))+((2*(0.7*cos(76*t)-cos(t))))/(sqrt(1-(1.4*cos(75*t))+0.49)))

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Try the explicit form. y=f(x) by eliminating t. For each value of t you would have an x and y value that could be graphed using Excel.

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