Hey would anyone please help me make a constraint spring with cylinder in NX 8.5?

Hi All.
I have problem in NX 8.5
I need constraint spring with cylinder.
Condition is centerline of spring coincident centerline of cylinder.
Please help me.

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3 Answers

In the Spring File, on another Layer, create a New Cylinder that is on the same Centerline as the Spring. Create a Reference Set that only contains the New Cylinder. In your Assembly File use your new Reference Set (Cylinder) and apply the required Assembly Constraints. When you are done change the Spring File Reference Set back to Model. Remove the New Cylinder from the Model Reference Set if your Assembly File shows both.

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Hi Ngô Minh Quang,

here you can find a video to constrain a spring in an assembly. You can use the same constraints and commands in NX 8.5.


Hope this helps!

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