Hi all i am attaching a step file of a front cover. Can anyone help me how to convert it into parametric model or reverse engineering?

Hi, can anyone guide me on how to convert the below attached STEP or IGES file into parametric model or reverse engineering? If anyone has solution then please show me the steps. It is a symmetry part so either if you show half portion is also OK.

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You can do it by converting the model to 2D drawings using drafting workbench. Get the required dimensions you think necessary to start with and continue. With a start you'll get the ways to proceed further. By the way this is a plastic component and there are certain techniques and rules to be followed while designing a plastic component.

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Adding to that, you can use "extract" surfaces too along with 2d drawings. you can get a better visualization.

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abhijeet please help me introduced to nonparametric to parametric conversion with necessary tutorial..

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I've just launched a new course on PARAMETRIC DESIGN in CATIA.


It's comprehensive course with multiple examples so if you are interested just give it a try.

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