Hi,every one i'm glad to be here with you i have a littele broplem and i wish yo can help me with it, how can i draw this cam (https://www.psmotion.com/mechanism-design-software/cam-design-software/design-and-manufacture-barrel-cams)?

My problem is especially with the strange profile which i saw it for the first time...........
(sorry about my language ..i'm not a native speaker)

1 Answer

Is there a specific portion of the design you do not understand? Maybe you could upload what you have already tried to create? Then we could see where something has gone wrong.

The library contains a few models that appear quite similar. Not exact, but they should show the overall design clearly enough to be recreated:
Barrel cam screw type
Barrel cam screw type
Barrel cam follower
Barrel Cam Follower Mechanism