Hi I have uploaded a model, Sprocket remover. I have a problem when I drive the model,

The problem occurs when I drive the model using the angular constraint.
The tommy bar rotates OK at times but randomly changes direction.
I can't find why this is happening.
I have only run this on my computer and would like to know if this manifests on other computers any help with a solution.
wmv file below Full model in Library
It is on Inventor 2017 (not listed in the software versions).


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2 Answers

have you try give bigger number on drive constrain ? for ex you have 360 degree then you give bigger angle like 1000 ?

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Thanks for the advice Adam but I have tried that.
The strange thing is it will reverse the rotation randomly.
If possible can you run the model and see if it is OK on your system.

Thanks James

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