Hi im ruban what is the perfect way of approach to create a sheet metal model

I have attended a interview in creo sheet metal. They need the perfect way of approach to create a sheet metal model, It will be very helpful if anyone give me a video about this

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Hi Ruban, in my experience, the best way to approach creating a particular sheet metal (and other types) part depends a lot on the part to be designed.

For instance, a simple stand-alone part would have a much different approach than a complex part that interfaces with several other components.

So really, as with everything else CAD, there is no single "best" way to do something.

The chosen design approach will be strongly influenced by the specifics of what is being designed and one's past experiences with similar design challenges.

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Is there supposed to be a sketch or image of a part with this post? How can anyone suggest the perfect way of building the part when there is no description, or depiction of the desired part.

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The starting point for designing good sheetmetal parts regardless of CAD software, it even applies to manual drawn parts, is to understand how the finished part can be manufactured and how the part will function. If the part is to be made in house you need to understand the function and capabilities of the machines on the workshop floor, also the quantities to be manufactured, just a few, work around tooling available in house, for larger quantities it may be more economical to outsource to a company with better machines as it would be cheaper. In this industry knowledge and experience are the the best tools. If you don't have the knowledge and experience to sort out any component you are working on get it from the experienced staff around you, talk to the machine operators, they will let you know if your finished designs and drawings are any good

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