Hide cosmetic threads, actual edges of holes, weld symbols and change screw colour in an assembly.

I am dealing with a complicated assembly where I have dozens of threaded holes, holes with no threads and weld symbols and lots of screws. The actual edges of holes, the cosmetic threads and the weld symbols appear in my assembly and I want to hide them. I tried with Annotatiosns-Details, but that seems to work only for my parts, and they keep being visible in my assembly. Any suggestions?
Second question, the colour of my screws is different from the rest of my assembly (not the standard “metallic” colour of parts in Solidworks. They appear darker. I want to change them to the basic appearance that the parts in SW have. I suspect it has something to do with the “display state”…
Any help highly appreciated.

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Go to View>Hide All Types or "all annotations" to keep planes and sketches etc..

Change to default color... click edit appearance, make sure the part is selected, select default color. (See images)

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