High resolution realistic wooden desk texture.


One more question about wooden desks. Please help me, I need to make high resolution realistic wooden desks?


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What is your problem??
Is it the modeling?? or the rendering??
If you ask a question, please be clear.
You are using Solidworks...what version.
What is you rendering program...photoview??

Lots of tutorials to be found (youtube) how to model and render....

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Right....OK..here we go...
First I need to express that it sometimes is more difficult to make a good render than a good model.....
Wood is also a difficult material, since it is organic...when using the standard textures a repeating pattern can emerge.
I always "color" all the faces with the appearance texture separate so it is possible to change direction of grain and rotation per face....a painstaking time consuming process but the result will be a life like appearance....

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