hii every1 ,i hve lost tree structure from graphics window while working in catia..how to get it back??..

i opt for "f3" key also..it did not work...also go through tools\opt\display\tree structure ...also it doesnt work...what to do now??...:(

somebody help me out

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3 Answers

hi you might have made it so small that you arent able to see it.
If you can still see some dots on left side try increasing the size by holding control and moving mouse wheel.
or it may have moved up or down if you are seeing a] ]scr]oll] ]bar on left side try to go on reach on top with that scroll bar

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Just press the F3 key, you will get it back.

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thx..apoorv n arun....
.. actually..F3 key was not working because the it was deselected in view bar.....nw i m done...........

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