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Ho to export single .ipt parts from an assembly in Inventor 2016

By charlie dearman on 07 Aug 11:24 2 answers 2 comments

I've created an assembly at work in PTC Direct modelling and saved it as a step file. I now only have access to Inventor 2016 and would like to save all of the components in the assembly as single parts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


2 answers

  • Jonathan DeRoner
    Jonathan DeRoner 4 months ago

    When you open the step file, could you tell me what type of file it opens as first? An ipt or an iam?

  • AnMay
    AnMay 4 months ago

    Normally just go to "open" and change the file type to STEP

    Wait until the whole file is imported and then just save.
    The files will be stored into a directory "Imported Components" in your Workspace where Inventor creates a subdirectory named with the same title as your step file.
    In this directory you can find all parts and assemblies

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