Ho to model a aircraft ?

The aircraft that just flies without wings,propellers..,etc without any workdone ....imagine it...
It just flies with a propulsion system based on repulsion property of a magnet.......
i am on search..about the work ability of that solid.,\
can u give me d most efficient structure for my solid...
note:it is a mini-project design...so no space for passengers is needed....

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3 Answers

here's a real aircraft modeled in 3D software. It uses a ribbed structure throughout as well as stringers, which are not shown.

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First thing is to have real 3D software such as Solidworks or Inventor.
Acad is not the most suited software for modeling.

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here's a mockup of an aircraft modeled in 3D sofrware. It uses a skin made of a thin surface that is contoured to the shape of the aircraft. this model takes less time to make than the real aircraft.

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