How about deleting the rank system?

Here's a open question to all of ya on deleting the ranking system..Some of us take it very sportive when our ranks drop down..but for some it's kinda depression ,they get annoyed and which proves to be a breeding ground of envy and jealousy on top ranking fellow grabcadders.....So what's your opinion guys?

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Its interesting how this is one of the most talked about issues on Grabcad, but Im not surprised at all that they don't want us to know how it works. I questioned one of the hierarchy here about it and the subject was avoided like the plague.
Does anyone here know what a "ghost profile" is?

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Some very interesting points you make here Will, very interesting. I like the old Will before he was front page news. ;)

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Let's leave this upto the GC Staff. They must have better plans for it.

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Hi Venkatasubramanian when I was new to the site I wanted to get my rank up but now that I am here there is more important things on this site than the ranking system.
I can take it or leave it as it is only a number next to your name now!!! ..... but I do think it is good for new members as it shows that they are active members within the site and you can watch them rise up through the ranks with there commitment and effort for GrabCAD

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The ranking system sucks. Nobody knows exactly how that works. In my opinion the one who uploads the most quality 3D models should be higher on the ranking scale. The name of this site is grabCAD. Notice the CAD word in it. This is why we are all here because of these CAD files, everything else comes into second place. Sure there are tutorials and questions but we can all say that the best way to learn how to model something is by looking at other people work (download the model and walk trough the features that the fellow engineer / designer used). We could also notice that some people uploaded maybe 3-4 models and they are ranked pretty high (somebody even mentioned something about it in the Q/A section). Also I have noticed that there are people modeling trash like bananas and some other things and you can find them pretty high in the ranking. Somethings are just laughable. Don't get me wrong, the ranking system means sh.t to me since I am not getting any benefits from it, so I agree that it should be taken out since we don't have proper parameters for real ranking.

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I don't think deleting the ranking system is fair. A better explanation on how it works would be fine, but deleting it no.
Some people worked hard to get a high rank and for that they had job offers from companies around the world.

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what is the system rating; the person, the persons work, their contributions??

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What is the ranking system ranking exactly?
Model quality, model quantity, seniority, willingness to help, personality, something else, a combination?
How do you rate people?

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Maybe its better that the ranking is not visible to anyone except the administrators?

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At a wild speculative guess, I would say that a ‘ghost profile’ is a second profile that someone creates in order to download and ‘like’ their own models and give positive feedback to their own contributions. Now that I come to think of it, it sounds like an interesting idea…
If the ranking system were to be disclosed then people would tend to ‘work the system’. They would provide the kind of content that gave then a high ranking. This might be a good idea if the system were carefully designed to promote the kind of contributions desired. The same can be said for the ‘Badges’.

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I had forgotten you asked this question.... :)

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